Design Concept Proposal for Evex Headquarter
As designers of experience, our proposal for Evex headquarters blends human healing experience with the signature colors of eggshell and mint. Our concept embodies a sense of modern elegance, setting the stage for a workspace that inspires creativity and collaboration.
Imagine entering a sleek  lobby bathed in natural light, adorned with clean lines and soft eggshell hues. The space exudes a sense of calm and professionalism, creating an inviting atmosphere for employees and visitors alike.
Throughout the headquarters, mint accents punctuate the design, serving as a subtle nod to Evex's distinctive color scheme. From accent walls to furnishings and decor elements, these pops of mint add a touch of freshness and vibrancy to the space, reflecting Evex's commitment to innovation and forward-thinking.​​​​​​​
Opt for adaptable furniture made from sustainable materials. Modular seating arrangements and movable partitions can be rearranged to accommodate different activities, encouraging flexibility and community engagement.​​​​​​​
Ergonomic workstations and collaborative areas are seamlessly integrated into the design, fostering productivity and teamwork. State-of-the-art technology and flexible layouts cater to the evolving needs of the modern workplace, ensuring that employees have the tools and resources they need to thrive.
Our proposal for Evex's headquarters embodies the company's values of sophistication, innovation, and excellence. ​​​​​​

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