When it comes to embodying the quintessence of design theories, what better canvas could there be than our own office? At 33/44, we believe that an environment nurtures the idea ('33') and propels it into tangible reality ('44'). Our office is a living testament to this belief, each corner crafted to foster creativity, collaboration, and comfort.
Our two distinct working areas are designed to be the crucibles where ideas take form. 
The expanse is open yet intimately arranged, each workstation is a cocoon of creativity. Breakout spaces are intertwined, providing a spontaneous area for discussions, brainstorming, or simply a change of scenery.
Slightly more secluded, it's for when tasks require undivided attention. Yet, the adjacent breakout space keeps the realm of collaboration accessible.
Thoughtful design resonates through our meeting spaces, each with its unique flavor of aesthetics and functionality.

High stools surround a futuristic table under a ceiling adorned with lush foliage. It's where we challenge conventional thinking amidst a touch of nature.
Encased in satin glass blocks with '70s style openings, this room is a blend of nostalgia and modernity. The table within is a leap into the future, making every discussion here a journey through time.

We understand the essence of a balanced environment. Our recreational spaces are not just for unwinding but also for casual interactions which often spark the most ingenious ideas.
A room filled with games and leisure activities, to keep the mind agile and spirits high.
The rhythmic clinking of the ball is our favorite symphony, orchestrating friendly competition and camaraderie.
Enter "Cobra Noodles," a fusion of Asian flavors and cyberpunk aesthetics in our office's courtyard. The concept harmonizes tradition and innovation, much like cyberpunk itself. It blends the futuristic and eclectic nature of Asian cities with beloved classic dishes. Noodles symbolize this blend, bridging heritage and innovation.
The restaurant's interior combines neon lights and industrial materials with bamboo accents and wood textures. It's a unique space where you can savor both Asian culture and the feeling of a futuristic world.
Our office isn’t just a workspace; it’s a dynamic, breathing entity that encapsulates the ethos of 33/44. It’s where ideation meets manifestation, every single day. Through this design, we aimed to not only create a visually stimulating environment but also to foster a culture that thrives on creativity, collaboration, and the ceaseless pursuit of designing perfection. Each area within our premise is meticulously crafted to reflect the harmony between form and functionality, driving us to explore, innovate and create, continually.

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